Frequently Asked Questions


What time zone are you in?

Emapta Talent Consultants and our network of 14 offices are located in the Philippines, which is UTC +8, but our teams work in different shifts, 24/7. Moreover, your dedicated Talent Consultant/s will be assigned to work in the same time zone as you do for optimal collaboration.

Do you specialise in a specific industry?

The shared expertise of our Talent Consultants allows us to source any role for a wide range of industries, and by extension, fulfill any role needed across all your business functions. See here for a complete list.

Where can you source talent for my business?

With the greatest reach for high skilled talent in the Philippines and around the world, we’ll enable you to hire local talent or have a mix of both international and in-country talent working for your business.

Our network of 14 strategically located offices with highly skilled in-house Talent Consultants provide the greatest recruitment reach for premium talent>

We are also growing by three offices per year in the Philippines together with our upcoming APAC Satellite offices.

What recruitment services do you offer?

These talent-driven solutions can be customised to your specific needs:

  • Outsourced staffing
  • Direct hiring Outsourced staffing
  • Overseas Filipino Professional Deployment Outsourced staffing
  • Executive Search

What benefits can my business gain from partnering with ETC?

  • Recruitment cost savings of up to 50%, so you can re-channel your revenue back into your business.
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness of your HR department
  • Find the top 5% of talent

How are you different from staffing agencies?

Partnering with ETC gives you full ownership of your candidates without the hassle of managing every aspect of your recruitment process. We also value your building relationships based on acquiring talent over the transactional nature of simply filling in your roles. See the advantages you can gain from partnering with ETC compared to other staffing companies:

How do I apply for a job?

If you’re a candidate who would like to work with fast-growing international companies, head over to our careers page to see the latest job openings.

Global Talent Solutions

What is Outsourced Staffing?

Outsourced staffing gives you international staff to whom you can transfer high-volume or time-consuming tasks. They can also handle your business operations that requires expertise outside your organisation’s usual scope.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) means having an external partner who can handle your entire recruitment parts of some of its parts on a regular or project-based agreement. ETC offers four types of RPO, all accompanied with best-in-class recruitment technology and high-quality talent experts:

  • Complete Recruitment Cycle (or End-to-End RPO): Outsource your entire recruitment function. This can encompass everything from process design through on-boarding.
  • Recruitment Support: Targeted support or resource augmentation for key parts of the recruitment process such as sourcing, screening, interviewing, or scheduling.
  • Project-based RPO: Ideal for event-based or volume hiring, on-demand recruiters help the client cover large-scale ramp-up requirements for a specific office region, business unit, or enterprise-wide hiring.
  • Resource planning: Get expert support in applicant tracking technology, sourcing, recruiting, and optimising talent.

What is Direct Hiring?

Direct hiring is where you can leverage our broad talent reach to directly source, screen, and hire candidates from your local talent pool. We have partnered up with skilled recruiters specialising in different veritcal per region to help filter and assess candidates based on your specific requirements.

What is Overseas Filipino Professional Deployment?

Overseas Filipino Professional Deployment seeks to help address talent shortage or skill gaps in niche markets or geographical regions with smaller talent pools. We are officially accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) to help international companies find and deploy highly qualified Filipino talent to their local offices.

Executive Search

What is Executive Search?

With Executive Search, we can help you hire and retain Board, C-Suite and senior managers to lead your organisation through our combined specialty of best-in-class recruiting technology and fast-growing network of senior-level talent.

What top-level roles can you recruit?

You may view the complete C-level and managerial positions with detailed profiles here .

What is your Executive Search process?

Our end-to-end Executive Search is mainly divided into four activities:

  • Talent Mapping Report & Recruitment Plan – We’ll provide you with a comprehensive talent mapping report based on your required executive roles and propose a recruitment strategy.
  • Active Candidate and Recruiting – This includes sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates before endorsing them to you.
  • Candidate Communications, Scheduling, and Logistics Management – We will present you with qualified external candidates and assist you with interviews and additional exams if needed
  • Job Offer Coordination and Reporting – We will facilitate a job offer session with the candidates on your behalf and update you on their feedback.